Note #10

Some topics I’d like to write about. In no particular order.

  • Code Metrics and Analytics: Write about using code metrics and analytics tools to gain insights into your codebase’s quality, complexity, and maintainability.
  • DevOps Culture: Write about the importance of a DevOps culture and how it promotes collaboration between development and operations teams.
  • Managing Tech Burnout: Share strategies for preventing and managing burnout in the tech industry, balancing work, personal time, and skill development.
  • Unit Testing Legacy Code: Explore the challenges and approaches to adding unit tests to existing legacy code, including when there’s minimal test coverage.
  • Using Design Systems: Detail how you use design systems to create consistent user interfaces and user experiences across different projects.
  • Developing Design Systems in React: Detail how a design system is designed and implemented with React.
  • Dependency Injection in Practice: Discuss real-world scenarios where you’ve applied dependency injection to improve code maintainability and testability.
  • Automating Infrastructure as Code: Detail your approach to automating infrastructure provisioning and management using tools like Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Explore the concepts of event-driven architecture and how you use events to coordinate and communicate between components.

I have another list too but these are possibly some of my more immediate topics.

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