Essential .NET Libraries I Use

Lloyd Atkinson
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Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjectionI’m not going to try fit an explanation in here, but simply put, passing functions to functions. Dependency Injection is Loose CouplingMicrosoft Docs
Microsoft.Extensions.ConfigurationWell, where would we be without configuration, settings, environment variables, etc?Configuration Providers in .NET, Configuration in ASP.NET Core
Microsoft.Extensions.LoggingAfter years and years of everyone and their neighbour creating their own wrappers of other logging libraries and abstractions of ILogger and ILoggerFactory there is finally a “single source of truth”.Logging in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core
SerilogThere have been and are several popular logging libraries for .NET. In my opinion, Serilog is easily the best one by a margin because of it’s Semantic Logging.Serilog
Serilog.Extensions.LoggingSpeaking of Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and Serilog, this library ties the two together so you get the nice ILogger type injected into your constructors without it being a specific dependency from Serilog.Serilog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
CsvHelperOf course, this one’s only useful if you’re software is processing CSV files.CsvHelper
StatelessA fantastic library for creating finite state machines. Can be used for everything from modelling UI’s to complex business processes.FSM article


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