Note #5

There is often a strong disconnect between what management believes their developers are working on and reality. Doubly so in “agile with a capital A” type environments. Leadership is often ignorant (sometimes deliberately) about developers’ genuine concerns and frustrations with the type of work environment they have to work in.

The contrast became hard to ignore when I calculated the time and effort spent in my current job on everything but designing software the customers wanted.

Entire teams of developers are being prevented from doing what they were hired to do: solve problems with software engineering. Instead, incredible amounts of money is spent on what can only be described as “Agile Theatre” as it has come to be known.

Based on my experiences, observations, and notes, a somewhat disturbing story is told.

There’s just so much bullshit.

Fixing technical debt: 20% Bad internal tooling: 20% Bad DevOps process: 20% Meetings to discuss meetings: 20% Refactoring poor/fake tests: 10% Vague/contradictory requirements: 10% Debugging other team's code: 5% Writing new features: 5%
  1. Fixing technical debt 20%
  2. Bad internal tooling 20%
  3. Bad DevOps process 20%
  4. Meetings to discuss meetings 20%
  5. Refactoring poor/fake tests 10%
  6. Vague/contradictory requirements 10%
  7. Debugging other team's code 5%
  8. Writing new features 5%

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